Wonders of Home-made Remedies!

Do you remember the days when our Grandmother had home-made remedies for almost all of our health issues? But the current situation surprises us when we no longer are aware of these ‘NanikeNuske’ which work wonderfully and are inexpensive too. Have we too relied on modern medicines? Or are we just unaware of the powers this homemade remedies hold? These may be old school remedies but they have shown their wonders for sure! We all love simple hacks which are cheap, easy to follow and super effective. Check out these amazing tips.







a. Tired of continuous Headache or a Migraine? Try these wonderful yet simple ‘Nani ke nuske’.

1. Dripping 2-3 drops of Basil juice along with a dash of black pepper in it in your nose helps in relieving you from migraine pain. Organic black pepper is easily available @ http://localhost/sidhsatvyk/shop/black-pepper-kali-mirch-25-gm/

2. Basil plant is so easily available in our surroundings. Did you know the application of Basil juice on your forehead and behind your earlobes can help in speedy recovery from excruciating pain from headache? Isn’t it just wonderful?

3. Application of a paste made up of Ginger, black pepper and milk on forehead also help in relieving the pain caused by a headache.

4. Application of a paste made up of nutmeg and raw milk of cow on forehead cures headache sooner than expected.

The list goes on and on….

b. Do you have a constant cold and cough? Worry no more! Let these simple home-made remedies take care of you.

1. Intake of Ginger powder along with Wild, natural and raw honey helps in reducing Cough. Taking it twice a day for 3-4 days helps in complete recovery from cough. Raw, Natural and Unprocessed Wild Honey is available @ http://localhost/sidhsatvyk/shop/sahyadri-unprocessed-forest-honey-500g/

2. Drinking 250 mg of Organic black pepper powder with wild honey twice a day aids in reducing cold and cough.

3. Application of Yellow mustard oil on the nose and gently massage it for a few minutes helps in speedy recovery from cold.

4. Dry cough can be easily cured by intake of Fennel fruit powder (Saunf powder) along with pure water. Organic fennel is easily available @ http://localhost/sidhsatvyk/shop/fennel-saunf-200g/

These simple yet effective hacks can make our life easy and can reduce our medical expenses too 😛 There are many more. Stay tuned and soon we will come with many such remedies!

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