About Us

Creating a sense of purpose which is larger, greener and more sustainable!


Siddhagiri's Satvyk - The Health reStore is more than just organic food. It is a complete healthy lifestyle. Going organic or growing organic demands a lot of diligence and patience. At Satvyk, we strive to develop and nurture the most transparent direct-from-source food supply systems. In the process, we are constantly working on building a sustainable livelihood for Satvyk Farmers & Producers and giving back to the Mother Earth!

At Satvyk, we don’t just focus on providing you an Organic product, we strive to get you a complete Organic Lifestyle! We aim at creating a robust Value chain from farmer to customer creating a sustainable and secure food system.


Dear Satvyk Customer,

|| Namaste || It takes us immense pleasure in introducing the Satvyk Initiative. Siddhagiri’s SATVYK is all about getting Good Food to Great People, providing a sustainable livelihood to our fantastic producers and in the process, adopting green practices towards our Mother Earth. At Satvyk, we have an yearning to bring to our lovely patrons an organic lifestyle and make the lives easier and healthier.

Satvyk, in addition to bringing you the products produced using organic farming techniques, takes care that the processing carried out is done keeping in mind classical healthy techniques handpicked from ancient India such as bullock cart cold pressed oil technique, stone-grinded flours, stone grinders for crushing grams into splits, vedic ghee process as per charaksanhita, etc.

In order to retain the essential nutritional characteristics in the said products. Thus, in true sense, you are on the right path to reStore your health!

Akshay Agarwal

He is a qualified Chartered Accountant. He has always been passionate about creating a positive impact on the lives of the people and this lead to rise of Satvyk – The Health reStore. His ability to stand out from the crowd and create a differentiating factor is a big positive to the organisation. He is also fond of financial market analysis and has cleared all the three levels of the CFA Examination.


Gajendra Choudhary

He has been involved in his family textile business which is well-established since last thirty years. Originally, he hails from a village named Banwarala in Nagore district of Rajasthan. Due to his connect with his village and being a grandson of a farmer, he has a strong connect with the farmers community Satvyk works with.

He brings a fantastic bond-quotient with the producers and farmers, ability to handle the most complex topics with ease and cool mind to the Satvyk table.

The Mentors

Shree Adrushya Kadasiddheshwar Swamiji

The Head of Kaneri Math, Kolhapur is the guiding light behind this initiative. He has established a great connect with farmers and farmers communities all across the country, thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the field. He is a knowledge-library in terms of Indian culture. He is the One behind creating one of the best museum across the continent which is based on Indian Village Life. He suggested the name behind this initiative – “Siddhagiri’s Satvyk”. Siddhagiri meaning the Land of the Wise Men representing our Farmers and Satvyk representing Pure and Unadulterated, the ultimate aim being direct-from-source organic food supply systems.

CA Abhishek Zaware

A qualified Chartered Accountant, he runs Ekatvam Academy, one of the premium institutions for CA Coaching in Pune. He has always played a great role in helping the organisation devise strategies in relation to marketing and finance. One of our founders, Akshay has been his student while pursuing his studies and has been under his guidance since then.