The 21st century world is all about mind blowing technology, speed, innovations, startups! This world lives but on the diet of competition. Survival of the fittest is the mantra. Everyone is striving to prove himself in this cutthroat competitive society. Students today know about the latest gadgets launched. Ask a 10 year old and he’ll explain you everything about the new iPhone 7 features including a picturesque presentation of the Apple Event in Cupertino a few days back. Ask him about the messenger service which the Google is about to launch this summer and he is ready with the answers. Your boss will have a deep study as to how to help win the organisation a million dollar deal. A CFA Charterholder will help you manage your portfolio with multiple complexities with ease. You yourself will be acquainted with all that and many such more things in the field of business, technology, finance, automobiles, etc. In other words, you keep your knowledge updated. And that’s actually the way to stay in this competing age.

All that’s really fantastic. But now ask the same guy about the milk he had in the morning. His response would be like, “Man, what the hell are you asking, milk will be like milk! Now, ask your boss about the amazingly red and sugary apples he had after his lunch. I am sure he will comment on the looks and the sugary taste of the apples. When you ask the CFA Charterholder managing millions for you about the canned juice he drinks often during the office hours, he will add a health quotient to it. If someone asks you about the edible oils you use, you will proudly say as it is written on some board in a restaurant “We use only refined oil for cooking” and boast off for being healthy. On the way back home in the evening, you drop down at a grocery store, call up your wifey and ask for the type of rice she was asking you to get. She will definitely stress on the whiteness of the rice. According to her, the whiter the rice is, the better it is! And you get home back with fantastically looking white rice! And guess what, your wife is happier because you got it quite cheaper this time than the last time she had got it!! You are happy as well; because you still remember the furious look she gave when the last time your wife asked you to get tomatoes & brinjals. The reason for the furiousness – small looking tomatoes & pest affected brinjals. She was expecting apple size tomatoes and brinjals like they were ready for a photo-shoot.

Think about all the smiles, boasts, keep your body healthy kinda feelings, etc people had as mentioned above! They are perfectly fine, that’s what you are feeling, isn’t it? If all the things above are fine, you also take care of your fitness with regular morning-walk and gym sessions, then why is there a consistent increase at the rate of 25% to 30% per annum in the number of heart patients in the country? And why is there a rapid increase in the number of cancer cases than it was 30 years ago? You must all be aware of the fact that there runs a train from Bhatinda in Punjab to Bikaner in Rajasthan unfamously known as the Cancer Train. Also there has been a drastic increase in the Kidney failures, infertility, diabetes and the list continues. Why is this happening? Just because of the increase in pollution & changing lifestyle or there is something more to EAT(it). Yeah, you go that right, food and food habits!

The milk, which looks perfectly fine, well packaged and delivered to you will all the requirements mentioned on the packaging and which you feel is healthy may contain more than 20 chemicals, including pain killers, antibiotics and growth hormones, says a study published in Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. A study conducted by Consumer Guidance Society of India also showed that milk contains high quantities of antibiotics, pesticide residues, pus, bacteria and chemicals like urea and sodium carbonate. Drinking such milk may lead to gastroenteritis, viral fever and even cancer.
Your boss now after having a delicious apple might be feeling that it will keep a doc away, but do you know that an Apple is 45 Pesticides a day!? And to our surprise, some of them are actually banned in various countries including ours. Still they are under private circulation. Or for that matter the so called healthy packaged juice which your investment manager is having regularly may contains chemicals like benzoic acid, benzoate and other harmful additives. It is generally very high in sugar content, which may be a major reason for obesity.
The rice that just made your lovely wife smile may be the reason for worry later. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health proved that the more polished white rice a person eats, regardless of their nationality, they are at great risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes. And the cheaper rice, I pray that it is not added with Chinese rice which is just Rs.15 a kilo. Because if it is, it is just similar to eating a plastic bag causing serious digestive issues. And as far as the vegetables are concerned, you did a great job by getting small desi tomatoes and the pest infected brinjals. Because those are the safest to eat. Eating a desi seed tomato is anytime better to consuming a toxic tomato huge in size cultivated using hybrid seeds. And can you imagine that pest infected eggplants are safer than the photo-shoot ready ones. Yes, they actually are!
At this moment I would like to quote unquote Mr. Alejandro Junger,
“The problem is we are not eating food anymore, we are eating food like products. (Hungry For Change Film)

Now you shall be thinking What should we actually eat? What is the real food? The answer to this is the SATVYK FOOD. Stay tuned for the next update with detailed product wise description of our featured products.

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