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White Ambemohar Rice – 1kg

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White Ambemohar Rice – 1kg Description:

Ambemohar, short grain of rice grown popularly in state of Maharashtra is known for its quick-cooking properties.

Wonderfully versatile and flavorsome Ambemohar rice is filled with nutrients, energy and essential vitamins.

Before this bundle of Happiness is delivered at your door-steps, Satvyk ensures:

*Indigenous and Local Rice Plantations!

Rice is grown naturally using Indigenous variety of Plants in various rural farms of South-India.

Our Farmers wake-up early morning at dawn and work day-in & day-out to produce chemical free food for us. They use manual Labor force to get rid of weeds – the unwanted plants in Farms instead of Chemical Sprays. They still believe in using Desi Cow’s Cow-Dung & Go-Mutra and various natural Arks like Jeevamrut & Dashaparni Arks to fight pests rather than Chemical Fertilizers.

*Chemical-free Rice!

After the efforts taken by our Farmers for 4-5 months, we finally get fresh, Natural and completely chemical-free Rice! They are then sun-dried and are separated from their Husks using the traditional method of Winnowing.

*Cleaning, Grading & Packing of Natural Rice.

These Natural & Healthy rice are then cleaned, graded and packed manually and not by any Machine process. Women associated with Rural Self-Help Groups are provided with grains and cleaning & packing materials. As entire process in manual and as automated processing is not done, all the Nutrient Contents are intact to the rice and not burned away. Thus, making them more Healthy and Nutritious option.

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