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White Pepper – 25gms

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White Pepper – 25gms Description:

Satvyk’s White Pepper are Organic sun-dried fruits of pepper plant. The outer layer of these fruits is peeled after they are completely ripen, leaving only the inner seed. Fresh White pepper is obtained by washing off the outer layer with continuous flow of water. Whole peppercorns retain their flavor for much longer making them easy to store for longer time.

Adding a little bit of this spice to your light colored dishes like mashed potatoes or white sauces can really take it a notch higher in taste and flavor. So, do add it to your meals.

Why to use White Pepper? Benefits of this wonderful spice are:

a. Enhances appetite.

b. Accelerates metabolism.

c. Regular intakes helps in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

d. Very few calories and adds lots of flavor to the dish.

How to Use White Pepper in Cooking?

Add White pepper to the dish after it is cooked as overheating may release bitter taste.

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