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Sahyadri Unprocessed Wild Forest Honey 500g

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Sahyadri Unprocessed Wild Forest Honey 500g Description:

Wild Forest Honey:

Jumpstart your Day with Satvyk’s irresistibly delicious Wild Forest Honey. This unprocessed Golden nectar is sustainably collected in the Wild forests of India, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance (and are never sprayed with chemicals). Loaded with nutrients, antioxidants, flavonoids and healing properties, this wild forest honey is the perfect replacement to harmful sweeteners like Sugar. Couple it with your breakfast or desserts and enjoy guilt-free pleasures of life.


a. Tired of having a sore throat and coughing around all day? Worry no more! Take a spoonful of Satvyk’s wild honey with a little bit of grated ginger in it and say ‘bye-bye’ to your pains.

b. Since ages, Wild honey is being used to treat open wounds, Applying a mixture of pure wild honey and organic turmeric powder on you open wounds relieves you from the pain. Antibacterial and anti-septical properties of wild honey help in covering the wounds faster.

c. Replacing white sugar with Satvyk’s raw, unprocessed and wild honey aids in reducing cholesterol levels and excess weight.

d. Raw honey has been used since decades across civilization to improve immunity power. Daily consumption of it does wonders on the immunity system.

e. Wild Honey is known to have anti-cancer and anti-tumor properties.


a. Being natural and organic, it tends to crystallize.


a. Luke Coutinho (Award-winning Nutritionist):

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