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Natural Aromatic Incense Cones – Parijat

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Natural Aromatic Incense Cones – Parijat Description:

  1. Satvyk Incense Cones are natural handmade cones made using materials naturally available in environment. Pure extracts of Herbs, Roots, Barks, Petals are used in their making. Using the ancient techniques of Aroma therapy, these cones are carefully crafted by women from rural parts of India. Natural essential Oils. dried forest flowers are also used in their making. They are free of animal testing.
  2. The high-skilled and manual processes offer sustainable employment to rural women and many Self-Help Women’s Groups.
  3. Lighting these cones during spiritual rituals creates a calm, peaceful and aromatic atmosphere. Also, they help in natural cleansing of the environment and keeps unwanted bacteria and insects at bay. Try these natural cones once and feel the difference for yourself.
  4. Directions to Use – Hold the lighted match to the tip of the cone until a flame appears. Blow the flame out and place on the Cone Stand (Available in box)


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