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Wood-pressed Black Sesame Oil (Kala Til) 200ml

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Wood-pressed Black Sesame Oil (Kala Til) 200ml Description:

All the Oils at Satvyk are extracted using traditional wood-pressed technique preventing any heat generation in the process. The oil-seeds are hand-picked and dried under the sun and crushed in Wooden Ghani and this oil is kept in Sunlight for 2 days for the sediments to get settled. The AIIMS doctor report on oils emphasises that the Oil should have a particular smell & it should be sticky unlike the refined oils available today. The refined oil available in the market is a home to a number of diseases as per various reports as 7-8 chemicals are used to make the oil refined and filtered. We recommed using our cold-pressed oils for cooking for the best results. The coconut oil can also be used as a hair oil, the sesame oil has a lot of ayurvedic benefits if cold pressed.

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