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Buckwheat Flour – 200gms

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Buckwheat Flour – 200gms Description:


Regardless of its name, buckwheat is not a variety of wheat. Famously known as ‘kuttu ka aata’, buckwheat flour is healthy alternative to wheat-free flour. Used for making homemade roti during fast, it is a little denser than some other whole flours.

 Highly nutritious in dietary fibers, buckwheat flour has a fresh, subtle aroma, a rich nutty flavour and a natural, light brown color. Suitable for all your baking needs, this flour can be used in various homemade recipes. Be it Buckwheat roti or puri, be it bread, pizza bases or homemade pastas, buckwheat flour can fit in all.

Benefits –

a. Keeps blood sugar levels & heart health in check.

b. Gluten free.

c. Good source of minerals and various plant compounds.

d. Rich in fibers.

When using Buckwheat flour in bread dough, it is best to mix it half-half with another flour to ensure proper proving and rising. For delicious wheat-free bread, try combining 3 parts buckwheat with 2 of quinoa and 1 part brown rice flour. Buckwheat also makes a great sourdough. One can also make yummy buckwheat flour pancakes, scrumptious biscuits and muffins too.


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