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Arjuna Powder 100gm

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Arjuna Powder 100gm Description:

Natural Ayurvedic Powders!

Since ages, herbs and plant roots are used as Ayurvedic treatment to fight sickness and weakness. Satvyk has introduced an unparalleled range of Ayurvedic Powders inspired from our Ancestors recipe! Relieve yourself with these Powders and let them take care of your skin, hair, heart and overall health with its high nutrients. Consumption of Natural Ayurvedic powders first thing in the morning will keep you fresh as a daisy. So treat yourself with this delightful inexpensive superfoods.

• Satvyk’s Natural and Herbal Arjuna Powder is made from fresh plant by using traditional method of Stone-Grinding. Leaves are sun-dried before crushing into powder. They are completely free of Chemicals.
• Benefits of natural Arjuna Powder are: Daily consumption of it helps in increasing immunity system.
• Helps in maintaining smooth digestive system, blood sugar levels.
• Helps in maintaining Body Cholesterol levels.

• Direct-from- Farms! Full of Nutrients! Full of Benefits!

Before this bundle of Happiness is delivered at your door-steps, Satvyk ensures:

*Indigenous and Local Herbs!
• Herbs and Ayurvedic plants which are grown naturally are used in making of these Powders.
• They are washed, cleaned and Sun-dried well before stone-grinding into Powder.

Stone-Grinding of Natural Herbs into Powders.

• These Natural & Healthy Herbs or Plants are hand-picked and then converted into Ayurvedic Powders in ‘Stone-Chakkis’ using ancient method of grinding.
• Women associated with Rural Self-Help Groups are provided with Herbs and Manual Chakkis.
• As RPM (Rotations per Minute) on manual Chakki are limited, heat generated in this process is very negligible and hence all the Nutrient Contents are intact to the Powders and not burned away.
• Thus, making Stone-ground Powders more Healthy and Nutritious.

*Benefits of Ayurvedic Powders!
• Daily consumption of such Ayurvedic Powders helps in maintaining body weight, blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels.
• It also helps in maintaining strong health.
• For best effect, it is recommended to have such powders first thing in the morning, empty stomach with luke warm water.
• If on medication, it is advised to consult Nutritionist.

• Direct-from-Farms!
• Full of Nutrients!
• Full of Benefits!
• Say hi to Good Health with Satvyk’s finest quality Ayurvedic Powders.

Direct-from-source, with love & smiles!

We work to develop & nurture a greener sense of purpose! In the process, we help our farmers follow sustainable farming practices & ensure that there is no use of chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers at any stage of the supply chain including farming, storage & packing.
Here, we promote hand-made to factory made & hence, work with small marginal farmers for our sourcing needs. We take pride to say that majority of our processing activities are handled by Women Self Help Groups from rural India

Satvyk – The Health reStore is not just Organic Food but a complete Organic Lifestyle. We are a huge family of 8000 Farmers (Desi Kisan) and many small scale Rural Women Self-Help Groups. We believe in providing our Customers complete Organic and Edible items i.e Chemical-free and as Nature intended it to be!

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