Dear Customer,

Greetings! Thank you for buying from and taking a step to restore the Health of you and your loved ones. At Satvyk, in addition to bringing you the products produced using organic farming techniques, we take care that the processing is slow and carried out is done keeping in mind “Ancient Indian Wisdom” such as Wood-Pressed Oil extraction process, stone-ground flours and dals, Hand-pounded Rice, Vedic Desi Cow Ghee extraction process as per Charak Sanhita, etc. Also, our farmers use indigenous variety of seeds for cultivation.

Storage Suggestions for Grains and Pulses:

We would like to mention that, at Satvyk, we strictly adhere to the no contamination policy wherein we take care that there is no chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers used at any stage of getting the product to our customers including production of raw produce in the farms, processing, cleaning, packing and even storage because that is how our Food should be. We take due care that the product is cleaned properly and packed without any pantry pests. However, even after due care, there might be a probability of occurrence of these pantry pests even after it is packed in products such as whole grains and pulses like Moong, Matki, Wheat, Wheat Dalia/Suji and Rice. Even though this occurrence may be a possibility in less than 5% of the products, it is our due responsibility to suggest you some measures as follow:

  1. Transfer whole grains and pulses such as mentioned above to air-tight containers
  2. Add some rock salt crystals and organic red chili powder to grains in the jars.
  3. Adding some spices such as black pepper also helps.
  4. Refrigeration of too sensitive grains such as Moong Whole, Matki, Wheat Dalia and Multi-grain flour will help.
  5. Keep the containers in dry place.
  6. Applying some castor oil or mustard oil on the pulses will help keep unwanted entities at bay.
  7. If you are ordering it in 25-50 kg bulk packs, store those grains in hermetic bags preventing any such occurrences.
  8. In earlier days, we used to have Desi Cow Dung’s ashes being added to the grains, about 2-3 cms of height above grains. This prevents any air being penetrated into the grains preventing any pests occurrences. During utilization of grains, you just need to wash it off. Also, it does not cause any harm, in fact this ash makes a great tooth powder.
  9. Even if there is any such occurrence of pantry pests, just sundry the product and the pests shall vanish.
  10. DO NOT add Boric Powder or any such chemical to grains as even though it is an easy solution, it is not an organic one.
  11. DO NOT add SULFAAZ or PARAD Tablets to your grains. Even the smell of it kills the pests in the grains. Just imagine what effect it would have on the nutrition that grain has to give. Such solutions can create real health problems.

Thank you for reading. Hope this will help.