Our standards:



We directly get in touch with the producers. We conduct regular farm visits, get the procured bulk produce vetted for authenticity and carry out surprise audits at the facilities of our producers to ensure the best in class organic produce is made available to you.


Small marginal farmers:

We believe in a connecting small marginal farmers with customers in their community. We love our produce organic and pesticide-free and certified, however small farms can’t always afford organic certification, so the certification is not a compulsory criteria. But, through our standard operating procedures, we definitely ensure that the produce is truthfully organic compliant. We work with the most trusted national brands when local sourcing isn’t possible or feasible.


The Producer’s share in the consumer rupee:

We at Satvyk strive to ensure that no middleman should enrich himself at the cost of the producers. We have made it a standard to ensure that at-least two-third of the consumer rupee shall be received by the producers. This keeps our producers motivated and the supply chain runs for itself!


Mother Earth:

Our producers practice the best possible organic and natural farming practices to ensure the adherence to the principles to environment sustainability.



Growing organics in combination with the slow processing of the produce, in our opinion, is the best way to offer organic food. So, we have tie-ups with various women self-help groups which helps us provide our customers the stone grinded flours, hand-pounded dals and rice, wood-pressed oils, etc. We bet, the videos of the slow processing will make you time-travel back to your childhood.